Properly cared for cuticles look nicer and are healthier than ragged, uncared for cuticles. As an added benefit, properly groomed cuticles will speed up the growth of nails since the stretched cuticle skin is no longer holding growing nails back.

Cuticle Nipper

Grooming can be difficult, and sometimes even after applying a cuticle remover and making use of a cuticle pusher, additional tools are needed.

Most nail care professionals agree that cutting cuticles is unwise and can lead to infections. However, it will sometimes be necessary to use a cuticle nipper after pushing back the cuticle to clean up dead skin that is no longer fully attached to the cuticle.

Make sure to sterilize any tools before using them, and select a cuticle nipper specifically designed to trim cuticles, like this Mehaz cuticle nipper. Nip any loose cuticle or hangnails gently, being careful not to cut too deeply.

Whether the tool you select is called a cuticle nipper or a cuticle scissor, which usually has slightly longer blades, be sure that the cutting surfaces are sharp. Cuticle trimmers are slightly different, having a sharp razor at one end designed to cut away dead skin. They can be difficult to use, but offer precise results.

Never rip or bite hangnails, but use the cuticle nipper to carefully nip away unwanted cuticle cells. Consider using a magnifying glass for more precision and safety when using a cuticle trimmer, and try to make cutting motions away from, not towards, the finger.